Rebuild & Retrofits

Rebuilding a machine can add years to its lifespan, without needing to buy a new one. You can save money rebulding a machine, it would up to 35% of the original cost rather then buying a new one. These days, rebuilds are getting more and more popular when a machine nears its end. We can offer a full rebuild service on all types of manual machines, CNC and machining centers.

Mechanical repair and machine tool evaluation is available on request. Our expertise in rebuilding a machines is second to none.

Whether it be gearing, clutches, bearing or related hardware, we can provide you with a solution to your machine tool related problems.

Often what happens to cause wear and tear on a machine is the lack of a consistent preventative maintenance program. The machine lubrication systems are often neglected due to various reasons, and failed once in a while. However, ignoring machine maintenance on a regular scheduled basis, is asking for more problems in the future.

Keeping your machine well oiled and clean is key to helping prevent machanical failure or unnecessary wear & tear to the machines mechanical system.

Should you need mechanical repair, evaluation or would like to setup a good preventative maintenance program, give Precision Machine Tool Service a call at (780) 444-9241.

Many machines were manufactured with hydraulic systems to assist the machine during operation. The hydraulic system may have been added to provide spindle chuck clamping or perhaps for the machine to perform various functions throughout the operation.

When the hydraulic system fails, generally this shuts down the machine. Most often the pressure or the vacume switches in the fail-safe system in order to protect the machine from any damaging effects caused by the hydraulic system failure.

Whether it be filter replacement, cleaning the system and replacing the hydraulic oil, Precision Machine Tool Service can provide a solution to the problem.

Should your machinery be experiencing hydraulic problems, don't hesitate to give us a call at (780) 444-9241.

Most industrial machinery has some sort of pneumatic assist built in. We at Precision Machine Tool Service are very adept at diagnosing and providing solutions to problems related to the air systems on machine tools.

A majority of the time, pneumatic problems are related to contamination in the systems or air lines have worn through due to machine vibration. Keeping the system clean and lubricating are paramount to preventing failure.

Precision Machine Tool Service can provide the assistence you need to repair, replace or redesign your machine tool pneumatic systems.

Replacing pneumatic solenoid valves, programmable control pneumatic banks, new air lines or addition of air/oil lubrication where necessary.

Precision Machine Tool Service can provide a solution to your pneumatic needs.

Call us at (780) 444-9241.